don’t talk to boys who aren’t nice to their mothers


Are u ever walking behind someone on the street and they keep looking behind at u like ur gonna mug them or something and in ur head ur just thinking “shh shh its ok im not gonna hurt you, im not gonna hurt you.”

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Thanks for the advice (:

Oh no problem! I’m always here if you need to talk :)

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Because I have no friends ):

I’m sure you do! You just have to focus on the people who do love you and not focus on not having any friends. Like it’s nice to have friends but tbh sometimes it’s better to not have any friends. But I know people do love you so just remember that.

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Okay so I like a guy and were like pretty good friends and stuff, but he has a girlfriend. but idk, he seems kinda bored with their relationship.. Like he complains about her to me all the time.. and I don't know, like should I go for him?

I think you should wait for them to break up. You don’t wanna be that middle person. And maybe if they don’t break up in like a month or two then try to move on.

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What do you think of Calum giving 4 free tickets to a groupie yesterday?

I think it’s nice that he have free tickets away but I don’t know

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I'm sad

Awe why sweetie

Honesty Hour

Come talk to me my little love munchkins! We can talk about boys, embarrassing stories, sad stories, funny stories or whatever!


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Preference #327 You Interview Him









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All the songs you record sound the same- even within the songs (like from the verse to the chorus) . Mix it up a bit .

Oh thanks for letting me know.